10 Most Essential Skills for a Social Media Expert

1. A knowledge of current trends

Being abreast of the most recent developments in social media platforms and trends is not only a necessary ability for a great social media professional, but it comes naturally to them. To make sure your brand is in line with the consumers it aims to convert into customers, you must remain current on trends in terms of posting types and styles, audience reactions, and the regularity and frequency of postings. These trends should be continually reviewed and altered.

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Though it may not seem as glamorous, knowing the newest meme in circulation is not nearly as crucial as comprehending and evaluating the work of your rivals and the behavior of your target audience. What we typically refer to as “viral” material, such as memes, videos, case studies, lists, and infographics, is also vital. However, if you want to capitalize on a trending topic, it is imperative that the content, regardless of its format, is pertinent to your business and offers substantial value to your target audience.

2. Excellent planning and time management

Throughout the course of a typical workday, a social media specialist’s knowledge, abilities, and expertise will be called upon in a variety of ways. To keep all those balls in the air, whether you’re responding to inquiries from customers on Twitter, producing content for your upcoming Facebook Ad campaign, or examining the data from your most recent Instagram influencer partnership, you’ll need to prepare like an expert.

You may spend more time creating content or interacting with followers, friends, users, and customers in real-time by using the many helpful tools available to help plan campaigns, manage to-do lists, modify and share calendars, and schedule posts.

3. A passion for interpersonal relations, community, and dialogue

Community is the main focus of our work. On a daily, if not hourly, basis, a social media expert will be required to create and maintain online communities, respond to client inquiries, solve problems, and spark active debate about the brand, product, or service they’re promoting.

Success undoubtedly requires an aptitude for customer service and a passion of communicating. But someone who can control tone and change the way they talk based on who they are speaking with, whether it be consumers or influencers, will be especially qualified to lead and expand a brand’s online communities.

4. A love of sharing stories

Although storytelling may not immediately spring to mind when considering social media, there’s a very good reason why so many writers and artists go for social media expert positions: they’re incredibly creative!

What function does narrative serve in marketing?

It keeps our concepts fresh in the minds of our intended audience.

It facilitates customers’ easier understanding of our item or service.

It exhibits transparency and strengthens brand authority and confidence.

That is an effective persuading tactic.

Social media experts are required to create a brand or a lifestyle around a product, much like traditional advertising, and captivate viewers with an engaging story using text, picture, or video social media campaigns. Since using storytelling as a conversion method has shown to provide outstanding results, content producers have a wide range of creative options at their disposal. As a result, there is a growing need for exceptional storytellers in digital marketing teams.

5. A keen sense of style

It’s certainly not necessary to have a formal design degree to work as a social media specialist. Having an aesthetic sense, or knowing what looks nice and what doesn’t, along with some basic knowledge of programs like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator will be very helpful in this position.

Building eye-catching and powerful campaigns on a daily basis is what a social media professional does, so having a knack for crafting words and visuals that captivate, inform, or persuade will come in handy.

6. An aptitude for data analysis and statistics

As a social media specialist, you will be required to possess a hard skill: the capacity to monitor certain performance measures and evaluate the outcomes of your social media initiatives in order to create ever-more-effective programs.

To put it practically, this will include measuring:


First impressions





Time and response rate

After gathering this information, you’ll be able to provide the digital marketing team with a summary of the business’s social media performance. Fortunately, there are several tools available that assist you in gathering the necessary data as well as in analyzing and deriving insights from it. BuzzSumo, NodeXL, HubSpot, SproutSocial, Google Analytics, and TapInfluence are just a few examples.

7. A thorough understanding of social media networks

It should go without saying that having a thorough understanding of social media platforms will not only be helpful in this position but also crucial to your success there. Social media is changing at a rapid pace, so it’s important for you to remain up to date on what each channel can do and what the overall digital marketing team should be aiming for. You should also be actively seeking out and exploring new channels to ensure that the entire team achieves success.

Social Media Examiner, Social Media Today, Gary Vaynerchuck’s blog, and Neil Patel’s blog are some excellent sites for learning about social media platforms and staying up to speed on upgrades, enhancements, new channels, and how to use them.

8. Want to pick up new techniques and methods

A social media professional has a lot on their plate on a typical day, as you may have seen! However, a social media professional may now focus on duties that need significant mental capacity or creative flair because of a plethora of excellent tools and well-established procedures that enable many of their tasks to be automated.

9. A talent for forming enduring bonds

Developing connections with influencers is becoming a more crucial aspect of the job of a social media professional. The working relationship you establish and maintain with an influential—and relevant—social media user can reap a huge number of benefits for the entire company, from exposing your product to unknown audience bases to building brand credibility, regardless of your company’s budget to work with mega, macro, or nano influencers.

In this capacity, you’ll be forming relationships with more people than simply influencers. Superfans are “online missionaries, who turn friends into sales,” and building strong, enduring relationships with them can benefit a brand’s success because they evangelize your goods on your behalf out of real passion.

Naturally, you’ll work with other members of the marketing team as well, such designers and copywriters, so developing relationships within is crucial as well.

10. A attitude of a team member

To fulfill their responsibilities and have the greatest possible influence on social media, social media professionals collaborate with a range of team members.

Copywriters, graphic designers, and filmmakers will help develop social media campaigns that include text, graphics, and videos. The social media specialist will report to the social media manager and marketing managers within the digital marketing team, assisting them in converting their long-term goals and strategy into daily activities.


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