Advantages of Coursera Plus

Beautiful user interface that sustains your motivation to finish the course. Important dates are highlighted to help you remember what has to be done next. The design is clear and user-friendly. It makes it tough to flunk the course because it walks you through the instruction step by step.

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The offline option.

The transcripts and videos are available for download so you may watch them while offline.

Simple to comprehend price. In general, Coursera’s price is unclear. They do make it difficult to know how much it would cost to take an entire certificate because the pricing is frequently depending on monthly subscriptions (for professional certifications and Coursera specialties, for example). I was unable to figure out the cost of a course until I had participated in the free trial. However, the Plus pricing is simple to comprehend: there is a single monthly cost or a one-time yearly charge.

A fourteen-day warranty.

You have 14 days to test it out if you purchase the yearly option and pay for the premium membership plan. Make the most of your opportunity to cancel the membership service if you decide it’s not for you.


The ability to interact in forums has been one aspect of the courses I’ve loved. The majority of the thousands of students that are online are eager to participate in the forum discussions, and there is a wealth of social proof on the implications for their careers. Because of this, learning becomes social even when done at home.

Coursera Plus’s drawbacks

lots of introductory classes.

I found that the majority of the courses were designed for novices. It will take some searching to locate information written for more seasoned career experts. While reviewing the fundamentals is fine, if you have been working for a while, attempt to find the modules that will be most helpful to you in order to save time.

dedication of time.

The best results from Coursera Plus may be achieved by taking two courses a year or making some learning progress each month. That is a pledge. If you’re not sure you can maintain that level of study for a whole year, go for a monthly membership.

could come with extra expenses.

Before you join up, make sure you know which Coursera courses are included in the Plus membership. If the course you want to take isn’t, you may have to pay extra.

Some things to think about before registering

I also had a couple additional complaints about it. For instance, they discuss obtaining a “shareable certificate” all the time. All it entails is that you may upload an image of your certificate straight to LinkedIn, along with a link that allows an employer to confirm your accomplishment on their website.

Every certificate is “shareable,” so I could duplicate one and email it to you. Although it seems a little “social media,” I get the concept, and in an age where Canva can be used to mock up anything, having a connection back to the original source is helpful.

Recognize your objectives

Lastly, before you enlist, it’s critical to have a rough concept of your professional ambitions. Is learning about data analytics worth your time? Should Excel for Business be your primary focus? What about financial accounting, leadership, and social sciences?

Make a strategy before you enroll in Coursera to avoid falling down the rabbit hole and learning about things that will not affect your profession at all!

What Is Coursera Plus’s Price?

The yearly fee of Coursera Plus is $399, or $59 per month. There is a 7-day free trial for monthly subscriptions and a 14-day money-back guarantee for yearly subscriptions. Ninety percent of Coursera’s online courses are accessible to you indefinitely with the Coursera Plus membership option.

Credit cards from American Express, JCB, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted for payment of the Coursera Plus plan. Courses with USD prices are the only ones that may be paid for using an American Express card.

You may cancel your annual or monthly membership at any time. In order to prevent being charged twice, you should cancel any existing subscriptions you may have to other courses. You will continue to have access to the Coursera Plus course library after canceling the membership till the conclusion of your paying cycle.

Perks of Coursera Premium Account

Coursera Plus is the best option whether you want to advance your job or learn more about personal development. You will receive various advantages from Coursera Plus that are not included in the individual courses from the single learning program package. These advantages include:

By enrolling in specialized classes, you may save money. Coursera Plus is the right choice if you want to enroll in a specialized course offered by Coursera. The price range for a single learning program is $49 to $79. A specialty will take you four to eight months to complete. The calculation shows that Coursera Plus is less expensive.

Professional Certificates Are Available. Professional certificate programs like the SAS Programmer Certification program will be available to you. Your talents in your profession will become more in-demand with the aid of these certificate programs.

Coursera Guided Projects are accessible. You will also get access to guided projects that will help you build industry-related skills and get ready for the workforce.

a limitless supply of certificates. You may enroll in as many online courses as you like with Coursera Plus. You will receive a Coursera certificate of completion upon successful completion of a course. This certificate can be added to your list of accomplishments, shared with prospective employers on LinkedIn, or included on your CV.


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