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Mr. Levien, who engaged the band offered them £2 10s, but they might not trust him, and it was then that Mrs. Reeves grew to become assure. Cross-examined – I knew nothing of £4 having been tendered by Mr. Levien. It was Mr. Levien who obtained the ball up, no writing handed Isabella (“Bella”) Veronica MELODIA. Mr. Graves submitted, that the plaintiff should be non-suited as there was no guarantee in writing. Mr. Crisp, as amicus curiae, noticed that the point was past doubt. By the statute of frauds, the guarantee have to be writing.

Isabella MELODIA

Further particulars in a future commercial. Mr. Hogue remained at his house till witness left; he could not have been out any size of time with out witness understanding it. Mr. Purefoy addressed the jury for Gaggin, regretting that he should should defend a younger man of such character and connexions from such a cost. The complete case depended solely on the proof of Campbell.

Guitarists With A World Of Musical Expression

Tippitywitchet, a comic music, was delivered by Mr. Levey, and excited a lot mirth. Mr. Gee performed a solo on the clarionet, in his traditional masterly method. Your informant evidently does not recognized concerto, or air with variations, from an Overture, and the skills of performers, and the merits of the music at a Concert, should in fact in such circumstances be very unwell criticised.

The College Of Sydney –

His adventures in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Sydney, Brisbane, Tasmania, and on the highway between the colonies, are detailed at size, and contain tragic, exciting, and amusing incidents. He tells the story of John Hambleton of Bible wagon celebrity, had an adventure with Captain Moonlight, was stuck up by Johnston, the bushranger; was in gaol, and spent an evening within the condemned cell with a assassin, who was executed subsequent day; spent a while as assistant to Professor Anderson, the Wizard of the North, &c. Thirty years ago, Joseph Gardiner was a well-liked stock actor with Melbourne play-goers. His songs similar to “Things I don’t prefer to see” and others stuffed with local hits were always welcome.

My providers to the society are gratuitous, and so are the insults Mr. Gabb heaps on me; but of any further remarks from him I shall not take discover. When I arrived in Geelong in 1852 the town was destitute of such a society; but seeing there was materials for forming one, I set to work and mustered 18 performing members; who each of us put down £1 for music. Mr. Lloyd, merchant, now in Geelong, I remember, gave us a lot of music, and we started in March 1853. Notwithstanding the frequent showers of rain in the course of the higher portion of yesterday the oratorio final evening was very well attended.

5. Song – “Farewell to the Mountain” – Barnet – Mr. Gale 6. Solo Violin – “Premier Concerto” – De Beriot – Mr. Wallace

– Application to be made at the Sydney Academy, Macquarie-street. N. B.- For Sale, Chambaud’s Dictionary, French and English, in four Volumes.

Mr. G. V. Brooke was very pleasant with the old gentleman and his dainty little spouse. Mr. Belfield as a businessman was held in a lot esteem. He was a grasp tailor in enterprise in Sydney when he retired from the stage, and at one time saved the Victoria Hotel, which adjoined the old Victoria Theatre in Pitt avenue. Likewise he attempted to construct a theatre in Oxford-street, but failed.

Tyrone Power, son of the celebrated tragedian, to Mr. Gilfillan, artist, of this city, relating to a painting of a scene in a New Zealand pah, announcing that it had arrived too late for this years’ exhibition of the Royal Academy. It had been accredited and accepted, however was shut out for need of room,

The singers included Miss Maria Chalker, Mrs. Perraton, Mr. Buchan, Mr. W. Bunting, and a glee party. Master Stoneham, who is just about fourteen years of age performed a fantasia on the flute in a way that delighted the viewers. The duet, “The Elfin Call,” by Mrs. Perraton and Miss Chalker, was loudly applauded, and an encore demanded.

Dancing was saved up till dawn, and all appeared properly happy with their amusement. The Operatic Company, with Miss Julia Harland at its head, appeared on Monday evening final, on the Mount Franklyn Hotel, before a decent and delighted viewers. The party had been travelling all day, and have been a lot fatigued;


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