Five ESSENTIAL Ways to Wear a Latex Skirt

One of the easiest ways to begin collecting latex apparel and incorporate latex fashion into your regular attire is to learn how to style a latex skirt and combine it with traditional textiles. Greetings and welcome to the first of many “Friday Five” pieces. Here, we’ll walk you through our top 5 styling suggestions for our favorite single latex products.

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One of the most adaptable items in any wardrobe can be the skirt. Style a latex skirt in a way that complements almost everything and works for any occasion—from casual to formal—is a breeze. You don’t think we’re real? Then continue reading as we’ve partnered with the amazing Latex Couture to provide our top 5 picks for latex skirt styling advice. Oh, and don’t forget to share in the comments below which style is your favorite!

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The Best Five Ways to Wear a Latex Skirt

Squeeze it Out!

Nothing says summertime quite like a crop top and skirt set, so why not give the approaching season a little extra “shine” with a delicious burnt orange circle skirt that doesn’t have a waist?

Black Is Always in Vogue

A fresh take on an enduring classic. Wear a black crop top with a black miniskirt made of latex. straightforward but timeless.

Beyond the Pale!

The shine of a miniskirt paired with an off-the-shoulder cotton top elevates an otherwise straightforward, monochrome ensemble to a whole new level! ideal for the warm weather.

Denim on Latex Denim

The traditional denim on denim look needs to go out of style. Shine on, now is the moment!

putting together a cropped black denim jacket, white off-the-shoulder crop top, and black latex miniskirt. Never has denim looked better.

The Evening

Up the ante by teaming a peplum-style shirt with a black miniskirt. Ideal for spending a night at the neighborhood bar (now that everyone is permitted to go outdoors again).

Bonus Style Advice for Latex Skirts

Since this is our inaugural “Friday Five,” we thought we’d give you guys a little extra love and provide some style tips for that latex skirt!

That Friday evening!

Do we really need to say more? You can dance the night away by pairing a latex miniskirt with a contrasting cropped top.

Vibrant Flash of Color

With this striking red side tie top and black latex miniskirt, you can stand out and steal the show. Totally sassy!

Shine Outside

Here’s a great way to wear a latex skirt on a springtime walk, just in time for spring. Wear a skirt with a cozy jumper, boots, black tights, and a lovely denim jacket.


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