How to Pick the Best Wand or Curling Iron

Which Is Better, a Curling Wand or a Curling Iron?

A circular heated barrel and a clamp that secures the hair are the two main components of curling irons. In essence, a curling wand is a clipless curling iron. Rather of using the hot iron to clamp hair, you physically wrap portions of hair around the instrument with your hand. Compared to the coiffed Shirley Temple-esque ringlets that a standard curling iron generates, the approach yields a wave or curl that looks more natural.

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There was no difference between any of the several wands and irons that we examined in terms of lasting power. Rather, the durability of a curled look mostly depends on the type of hair you have and the treatments you apply both before and after styling.

In light of this, you should select a tool based on verifiable information, such as the tool’s barrel size, heat-up time, and degree of heat adjustment. It is advisable to consider safety elements like as the tool’s kickstands, barrel sleeves, or gloves.

Size of Barrel

The diameters of curling iron barrels can vary from 3/8 of an inch to 2 inches. The tighter the curl it produces, the smaller the barrel size. Your best choice will be a 1.25 to 2-inch barrel if you’re searching for longer, looser waves. One inch or less is a decent starting point for curls in the ringlet style.

Since it can produce both softer waves and tighter curls with less heat, a 1-inch curling iron is typically the most widely used size.

Modifiable Temperatures

The temperature settings on the majority of curling wands may be changed to suit different types of hair. Higher temperature curling irons usually perform better on thicker hair, while lower temperature ones may be preferable for finer hair in order to prevent damage to individual strands.

Adjusting the heat might also be helpful, depending on the look you want. For example, using higher temperatures will definitely set in a defined curl; whereas, using lower temps will result in looser, more natural-looking waves.

Extra Elements

There can be further benefits to some curling irons to take into account, particularly in terms of safety features. To avoid burn marks, the majority of curling irons, for example, include kickstands that make sure the iron isn’t in direct touch with your counter or any other surface. An automated shut-off feature is an extra benefit that certain irons may provide, so you never have to worry about forgetting to switch off your curling iron before rushing out the door.

A heat-resistant glove is a great addition to curling wands. It also keeps your hands from burning when using the gadget.

Which Curling Iron Type Is Ideal for Your Hair?

The ideal curling wand or iron for you will depend on a number different things, including the kind of curl you want to achieve and the texture, length, and thickness of your hair.

A tighter curl, also known as a smaller barrel, might assist hold a curl in place longer if your finer hair finds it difficult to maintain its curl. Thick hair usually requires higher temps to create a long-lasting curl, so stay away from curling wands and irons that don’t reach 350°F (or better).


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